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The Pet Tent

CDN $75.99


  1. 26" x 37" x 25"
CDN $75.99
Privacy Pop Features

Private Pet Oasis

Create the perfect pet sanctuary on the go or at home. The Pet Tent provides a quick alternative to exclusive privacy and seclusion for your pet.

Privacy Pop Features

Comforting Refuge

Turn any area into a secret hideaway for your pet or even a comforting refuge for them to wind down and get a good night’s rest so they can play their best at the park or on the go.

Privacy Pop Features

Mesh Windows

Mesh windows around the tent provides airflow and light. Zip or fold down completely for maximum seclusion.

Privacy Pop Features

Fold & Zip Down Doors

Zip doors on both sides allow to open the tent fully by folding the doors up or zip it down completely for the ultimate private atmosphere.

Privacy Pop Features

4 Way Access

Doors on all sides give you the added ability to customize variable configurations of how you want your pet to enjoy much needed rest.

Keep all four doors open, or zip down any of the mesh panels to create the perfect home for your pet.

Privacy Pop Tent Includes:

  • Instructions The Pet Tent comes equipped with directions to guide users through the set-up & breakdown process.
  • The Pet Tent
  • Carrying Bag Created specifically for portability, The Pet Tent can be folded and easily stored or transported.


  • LENGTH: 26"
  • WIDTH: 37"
  • HEIGHT: 25"
  • WEIGHT: 2 lb.


The Pet Tent

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