Which Bed Tent Should You Get?

Bed Tents have become all the rage, providing a unique, cozy getaway from the world within the confines of your own bedroom! Privacy Pop offers a range of bed tents, each one different from the other and offering certain perks that may be better for certain people. If you are considering a bed tent but aren’t sure which one you should get, consider some of the factors below.


One important aspect of a bed tent is the size of the bed that you will be putting it on. Privacy Pop bed tents come in all shapes and sizes, but certain models only work on certain frames. For toddler sized beds, any of the models except for the Bed Tent Plus will work. On the other hand, if you have a queen bed, you’ll have to decide between the Original Bed Tent, the Eclipse, or the Horizon.

Some people don’t like being completely covered and may prefer something that just goes over their head and upper body. For those, the Mini Bed Tent is the perfect option. It is also great for tight sleeping quarters.


While every Privacy Pop model comes rife with features, some may be more suited to your needs than others. For instance, we mentioned the Mini Bed Tent for those who don’t prefer total enclosure or who are in a smaller area. But the features don’t end there.

If you feel that you only need the sides to open and don’t need access from the foot and head ends of the tent, then the original Bed Tent should be sufficient for you. Two-way access is plenty to let you get into bed easily and to enjoy natural light when needed but can be easily zipped for total privacy.

On the other hand, you may prefer the 4-way openings available on the Eclipse and Horizon models. This opens you up entirely to your surroundings while still giving a canopy-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own bed.

Every one of our tents comes with easy-to-use zippers and mesh windows, so no matter how many openings you opt for, you will benefit from the same high-quality materials and options.


While looks aren’t everything, you probably want a bed tent that will match the atmosphere of your room. Fortunately, Privacy Pop offers our tents in a wide variety of different colors and designs. Our original Bed Tent comes in several solid colors as well as some fun kid-friendly designs like Superhero, Unicorn Galaxy, and Starry Night.

The Eclipse offers the Unicorn Galaxy and Starry Night options as well as solid black, blue, and pink. The Horizon comes in black, Starry, or Unicorn. So, if it comes down to two or three tents but you prefer the looks of one over the other, the design may just be the deciding factor. Either way, we know you’ll love it!


There is no one-size-fits-all answer for which tent you should get. Evaluate what you are looking for most in a bed tent, and choose from the wide variety of options that Privacy Pop has to offer!