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Virtual Schooling Tips

Virtual School Tips Privacy Pop Bed TentOne by one summer days go by and although it means almost nothing for most people, for children it means only one thing – soon they’ll be back in school.

In less than a month, September will come, and school will begin.

Although times are difficult and unpredictable for all of us, and we all know why, education mustn’t stop especially for the youngest. Now, we all know the chances of going back to the classrooms is close to zero, but the technology nowadays makes it possible for children to be educated in virtual schools. 

Truth be told, almost no parent can say they have experience with virtual schools. The situation escalated pretty quickly leaving parents zero time to learn about the proper way to do things when it comes to online education.

Well, now, as the new school year starts it’s about time we learn some crucial tips about virtual schooling.

1. Set-Up A Routine

It’s not a brainer that one of the things why classical school functions so successfully are because of the structure they provide children with. Well, the same thing matters when talking about virtual schools too. A solid routine is equally important or maybe, even more, when children are learning from home. Try to maintain regular sleeping schedules for your children (wake up and going in bed), schedule for their meals and snacks, breaks from school, and of course some outdoor time.

Try creating a printed calendar with progress bars, tasks, and assignments for every week. This will help you keep track of everything that’s done and needs to be in the future.

2. Online Safety

Virtual learning means a lot of time spent in front of a computer and this increases the chances of virtual bullying, exposure to improper content, cyberstalking, and harassment. So much red flags, right? It’s why you as a parent, must take certain measures.

First of all, you have to control your child’s accounts and periodically monitor who is he/she in contact with. And even more importantly, you have to have The conversation. You have to explain to them why and how they should behave online and to inform you of every suspicious activity.

3. Setting Up A Learning Corner

Lastly, we must mention that besides setting a computer with a proper connection you must also set up an entire learning space. Regardless of whether it will be a special room or a particular desk in the apartment, having a dedicated space for learning will put your kid in learning mood each time when being there.

Make sure this spot that gives your child the privacy that he/she needs, it has natural light for writing and reading, it is comfortable with a proper chair that offers back support, has all the school supplies, and lastly it is a quiet one.

All these factors will influence your child’s success.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy all of it. Your child will be home all the time and with the given situation, you might be too. Make sure you balance out your child’s spare time and online learning.