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Top 5 Productivity Tips for Veterans

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Veterans Privacy Pop Bunk Bed Tent

It has been 75 years since the end of World War 2. And yet it wasn’t the last time we got to get Veterans since there are more than 200 thousand coming home every day from fighting different wars. Most of them get employed and continue with their lives. Some of them struggle to do something else than fight a battle. But all of them face one battle they have in common once they come back home, being productive and keep being productive in other fields or occupations or revert or meld into something they have an interest in.

In this blog, we’ll talk about becoming more and staying productive as we all feel unproductive sometimes and that can be harsh for the productivity to flow the right way. But the most important thing is how we create a daily drive to stay in the right mindset and keep giving our best at all times. Here are a few tips that could help you get on the right track towards productivity.

1. Keep Your Daily Routine

The most important thing you can do is keeping your steady routine from your military days and always to remember that it’s worth it.

2. Focus on the Most Important Tasks First

The theory behind it is that any given to-do list has some tasks that are more important than others. If you focus on simply checking off to-do list items, you’ll end up with a mix of important and less important tasks completed. It also exposes you to the potential for procrastination. It’s easy to spend the whole day checking off easy and less important to-dos instead of buckling down on the hard stuff. Instead, spend a few minutes at the beginning of your day to choose 1 to 3 most important tasks that no matter what, you need to finish by the end of the day. With a renewed focus on what’s important, it’s easier to create a meaningful to-do list.

3. Keep a Distraction List To Stay Focused

With emails, social media, and a thousand little to-dos, it’s easy to get distracted when you’re trying to be productive. Whether you’re trying to focus on deep work or just dealing with smaller tasks, distractions are the bane of productivity. It’s hard to maintain efficient work habits with distractions around. One powerful method of reducing distractions is creating a “distraction list.” Keep this list whether it’s a Google Doc or a physical piece of paper nearby while you’re working. Whenever a distracting thought pops up, write it down on the list and get back to work. As thoughts arise during your work, jot them down. Once you reach a break in your work, you can come back and either tackle them or add them to your larger to-do list.

4. Break Tasks Into Smaller Pieces

Why do you procrastinate? There are a variety of reasons that people procrastinate, but one of the most important is that the tasks on their to-do list just seem too daunting. If you have to-do list items that are large in scope and not very specific, tackling those tasks becomes challenging. You look at the item and think “I don’t even know where to start.” You can start by breaking large to-dos into smaller to-dos. Set small goals for each task. If I have a to-do list item labeled “write a blog post on productivity,” it’s easy to (ironically) put it off because there are a few different places I could start.

5. Take Breaks

Nobody, not even highly productive people, can focus for eight hours straight. It simply isn’t possible. No matter how many efficient habits you build, you can’t maintain distraction-free focus for that long. That’s why taking breaks is so important. Even breaks that are just a few minutes long can help you recharge and come up with new ideas. Be proactive about taking breaks. When you take breaks, it’s important to make them structured and deliberate. It’s easy to justify distractions as “taking a break.” But if you don’t have that break time scheduled, it’s possible that you’re actually just getting distracted. Scheduling breaks can keep you fresh and productive throughout an entire day.

We’re hoping these top five tips got you closer to increasing productivity during your day. Thank you for your service and stay strong.