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Tips For Committing: Getting The Right Wallpaper For Your Home

Tips For Committing: Getting The Right Wallpaper For Your HomeFully redecorating your home when in need of a new and refreshing look might sound like a great idea but wait until you get the bill for you. You can the idea, it will make a dent in your budget.

However, we do have a solution for you. Why not choose to replace the dull wallpapers in your home? This will make your home/room feel different and brand new whilst being cost-effective.

 Lacking ideas? Tips and tricks? Lost in the sea of prints, patterns, and colors?

No need to panic, we`ll cover everything you need in order to make the “wallpaper commitment”.

1.          Consider the Purpose

First thing first, you need to take into consideration the space you are choosing the wallpaper for. Are you willing to make the room feel more spacious, or brighter, or are you simply looking into adding some color to it? Making a room feel spacious with the help of wallpaper is all about choosing a lighter color. Such color will reflect the light and make the room feel more open. On the other hand, if your room has a lower ceiling, choosing a wallpaper with vertical stripes will do the trick. It will create an optical illusion by visually elongating the walls. 

2.          Think about the Room itself

The next thing is thinking about the room you are choosing wallpaper for. Are you redecorating your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom?

Wondering how is this important? Well, imagine waking up every day a vivid and energizing red?

Yes, in a parallel universe where you wake up every day fresh ready to take on all the daily struggles, this color might soothe you fine. However, in the real world, red wallpaper can be too much. For the bedroom, in particular, more soothing, and pastel colors are suitable. In the same way, we guarantee your privacy with our Privacy Pop Bed Tents, we also guarantee that choosing a subtle color equals calmness.

Here to follow are the most practical wallpaper tips:

  • Use textile imitation to add depth
  • Wood imitations to add a natural feeling to a room
  • Grasscloth and shiny patterns to add a luxurious and elegant feel
  • Bold patterns to add a wow factor
  • Small floral designs = rustic traditional feel
  • Bold abstract print = modern and contemporary feel
  • Large patterns make the room seem smaller and vice versa, small prints make the room feel spacious



3.          Think about the overall Feel

Lastly, we must mention that you should also think about the overall feel of the room you are redecorating.

It should feel wholesome and “all the elements should work as one”. You can’t have some “lemongrass” green furniture and flowery wallpapers. You get the idea, it would be a mess. Yes, experimenting and letting your imagination run wild might end up fruitfully, but in most cases planning, comparing, and carefully executing is more important. We assure you.

Don’t be scared to try out the whole wallpaper thing. Not only it’s a budget-friendly alternative, but it`s also an easily replaceable one. Bored with the old wallpaper, switch things up and choose another. Mix and match, prints and patterns, million versatile colors. We genuinely encourage you to try out this interior trend!