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The Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

The Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

Without any warning, do you sometimes wake up from a deep, peaceful slumber to mysterious pains and aches? A majority of the time, the reason behind this is a bad sleeping posture. Fatigue, neck pain, muscle cramping, sleep apnea, headaches, impaired circulation, and premature wrinkles are all symptoms of a bad sleeping posture. So, if you are wondering about the right way of sleeping, you should know about the best and the worst positions.

Best Sleeping Positions
1. Sleeping on your Back - This is the best and most common sleeping position as it enables your spine to be adequately aligned. Moreover, the pressure of gravity is also released from your organs and your back. Lying on your back also encourages an even distribution of your body weight, thus decreasing the likelihood of you waking up to an ache or pain.

2. On your side - This position helps minimize acid reflux, and because your spine is elongated, it wards off neck and pain. In addition to that, you are less likely to snore in such a sleeping posture, since it keeps the airways open.

3. The Fetal position - This position is where you sleep on your side, with your knees bent and your torso hunched. This posture is perfect for pregnant women since it improves blood circulation, and prevents the uterus from pressing against the liver. It is also good for people who snore. However, tucking your legs into your chest too tightly can restrict the diaphragm and cause the stomach to press on the esophagus, possibly resulting in an acid reflux.

Worst Sleeping Position
1. Stomach Sleeping - This position is possibly the absolute worst. Lying flat on your stomach strains your joints and muscles in the body, flattening the natural curves in your lower back. Also, placing your neck at an elevated angle for long periods of time can result in a spine misalignment.

In addition to that, laying face down also forces your neck to be rotated in one direction or the other in closed and tight positions, which can put pressure on your neck and restrict proper blood circulation and breathing. If you suffer from any kind of back or neck pain, then this position can prove to be especially bad for you.

Now that you know better, it is time for some necessary changes.