Thanksgiving Celebration Tips for 2020

2020 has been a year like no other, and there’s no doubt that the upcoming holiday season will be quite different than the ones we have previously celebrated. Thanksgiving is a special holiday where families come together to enjoy food, drink, and laughter, but those celebrations might be a bit subdued this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic might make it a little more difficult to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. Here are some tips for celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020.

Smaller, Local Gatherings

If you are going to gather with family members, stick to those who live locally to reduce the risk of exposure from travel. Remember that any at-risk family members should be safe and not attend these gatherings.

Outdoor Setups

Dining outdoors helps to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is much easier in warmer climates but can be done in mild climates with the help of heat lamps and tents. If you must celebrate indoors, find a large, open space that can accommodate your party safely, and remember to wear masks.

Virtual Dinners

With the power of the internet and conferencing software, we can now speak to our loved ones across the world without risk of exposure. Even if you live nearby, you may opt to host a virtual dinner in order to stay safe, especially if you have family members with higher risk potential. While you may not all be enjoying the same food, you can at least enjoy each other’s company.

Drop-off Potlucks

If you live close to your relatives and still want to share some of your favorite recipe, you can try a drop-off potluck. Every family member chooses one dish to make and drops off a portion at another family member’s house. This is a fun way to say hi quickly while minimizing exposure and still enjoying each other’s cooking.

Local Care Packages

For relatives who live far away from each other, you might consider putting together local care packages to send to each other to arrive before the holiday. This way you can enjoy cuisines from your friends and family member’s regions without all the hassle of cooking or traveling. This is made even better when combined with a virtual meetup!

Try New Dishes

This is obviously not going to be a normal Thanksgiving, so why not try some dishes that are out of the norm as well? There’s nothing that says you have to eat turkey and mashed potatoes. Instead, try some new ethnic cuisines, or attempt to make one of those difficult recipes that you’ve always been meaning to. You really have nothing to lose!

Family Food Drive

These are difficult times for many, so it could fun and helpful to organize a food drive with your family members. You can have competitions for who can find the most of a certain type of food, or you could volunteer at a food shelter. Either way, you’ll be joining in on the true meaning of the holiday season.