Sleep in Peace with the New MINI Bed Tent from Privacy Pop!

If you can’t quite get comfortable in your bed, maybe it’s time for a bed tent. These cozy, personalized spaces make it easy to fall asleep and fun to spend time in bed! With the brand-new MINI Bed Tent from Privacy Pop, you’ll be making the most of your bed space without even taking up your entire mattress.

Smart and Compact

The MINI Tent from Privacy Pop is sleek, smart, and compact. Utilizing only the head of your mattress, you can set up your own private haven. With zippers that open and close from both sides your personal little fortress is simple, fun, and easy to use!

The Privacy Pop MINI Bed Tent provides a personal oasis that fits snugly on any toddler, twin, or full-sized bed. Whether you want to block out the light or keep excess noise out of your bed while you read, the MINI Bed Tent gives you everything that you need. If you’re not the type who likes to be fully covered, this is exactly the tent for you!

Multiple Uses

You don’t have to simply draw the shades and fall asleep with the MINI Tent. Despite its smaller stature, it has plenty of uses. While it is excellent for catnaps or a full night’s sleep, there is plenty of potential for FUN in here! Read your favorite books, zone out to your most-loved songs, or simply pretend that you’re living in your own tiny castle! This multi-purpose bed tent has all the features of a full-sized model.

Easy Clean Up

Although many decide to leave their MINI Bed Tent up permanently, it is very easy to take down and put away for its next use. Simply pull it off the bed and fold it down and it is ready for storage or travel. That’s right, this tent will join you on vacation or provide shelter for your next sleepover.

Privacy Without Isolation

You don’t need to shut yourself entirely off from the outside world in order to enjoy some time away. The MINI Bed Tent only covers the most important parts. You can keep excess light and noise out while enjoying your personal little room. But if you look out through the opening, the world is still there waiting for you. Think of this as the perfect little breakroom without the small talk.

Available in Three Sizes

The Privacy Pop MINI Bed TENT is available in Toddler, Twin, and Full sizes, so no matter what type of bed you have, you can enjoy a personal refuge in in the comfort of your own bedroom. No matter what reason you have to get away, the Privacy Pop MINI Tent will be sure to satisfy your needs. Whether you’re short, tall, young, or old, the MINI Tent will cover all of your needs!