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Senior Citizens Day 2020

Senior Citizen Day 2020 Privacy Pop Bed TentEach and every year, on the 21st of August we all come together to celebrate Senior Citizens Day. Senior citizens are part of our society and they’ve made an immense contribution to get where we are today.

Although the future remains to the youngsters, the past and its accomplishments are because of the elderly, and the 21st of August is all about celebrating, respecting, and honoring the elders.

Here is what you can do, not only this day but all throughout the year.

· Spend Some Quality Time

Regardless of whether your elder loved ones live in a retirement home or all by themselves, making frequent visits will surely mean a lot to them. Plan and spend the entire day with them, take them outside in nature, play board games, make them feel less lonely. Days are counted for them meaning every day is valuable so instead of planning family reunions months ahead be there for them on a daily basis. Simply show up.

· Give Back To The Community

Remember how when you used to grow up, the elder people that were younger back then, used to come together in a community that raised you to be who you are today. It was about feeling safe and sound on the playground, or when your parents weren’t around, or how about all those times you used to come together to celebrate something.

Well, now it’s about time you give back to that community. We’re not talking about doing great gestures but instead how about some random acts of kindness. Doing the grocery shopping for your elderly neighbor, having a cup of tea, making sure everything is okay, giving hugs, and small talks. Sometimes kindness is all an elderly person needs.

Want to take it a step further? You can always find a retirement community or a home where you can volunteer or participate in some activities. You have a skill – teach, or simply be there for walks and talks.

· Throw A Party

As we’ve mentioned a couple of times now, what matters most for the elder is having some sort of mental support system. Lucky are the ones who have families to take care of them but the ones that are left on their own, the biggest issue is being lonely and isolated.

Well, now that you know this, how about throwing a party?

Surely it won’t be a wild one but instead, it will be a gathering where you could invite the elder neighbors and give them a chance to socialize. Elders plus youngsters, people that do and don’t know each other. This will make your community even stronger.

Even though there is a national holiday that celebrates elder citizens, that doesn’t mean you cannot appreciate them every day of the year. Visit them, spend time, write them letters, do some video calls if you can’t visit, make the call, do the family history project, reminiscence together over some old photos, cook them a warm dinner – their favorite, or simply spend the afternoon playing games with them. Be present, be there – it will mean a lot to them.