Martin Luther King Jr. Day falls on January 18th in 2021 and is an excellent opportunity to remember one of the greatest leaders and fighters for equality of our time. MLK Jr Day is a way to celebrate the life of a great man and to reflect on the many values that he stood for.

Many people have the day off work as it is recognized as a national holiday. If you have always observed the day but would like to come up with ways to truly celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy, consider some of these ideas.

Read King’s Speeches

Almost everybody is aware of the “I have a dream” speech that inspired a nation, but few have gone into depth on King’s other speeches. His philosophies, values, and ideas can be found throughout the speeches, and you might come across some words that will change your life. He wasn’t just a great leader; he was a fantastic orator and speechwriter. You will likely come across many inspirational quotes in your reading.

Volunteer at a Charity

Dr. King believed in being charitable to your fellow man, and his actions were consistent with his teachings. Find a charity where you can help those less fortunate than yourselves and get to know other members of your community. There is a true sense of kindness and compassion at charitable events, and you may make some new friends along the way.

Follow the Parade Route in Your City

If your city hosts an annual Martin Luther King Day Parade, chances are likely that it will be cancelled due to COVID-19 in 2021. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow the route that it typically takes to show your respect for Dr. King. You may get to see some historical monuments and travel to areas where you don’t normally spend time.

Buy Something from a Minority-owned business

Martin Luther King was a strong advocate for equality of all people. Unfortunately, many people still struggle to open businesses due to their race or religion. If you have a minority-owned store or restaurant in your town, show your support by stopping by and buying something or getting a meal.

Watch a Documentary about Dr. King

There are many documentaries available about Martin Luther King Jr, and there is a lot to be learned about the man and his ideas in them. Whether you opt for a biographical docuseries that highlights his life events or watch something that analyzes his works, there’s a great chance that you’ll walk away with a new depth of knowledge about King.

Teach Your Children about Dr. King

Martin Luther King Jr was a fantastic role model for children and adults alike. If you have children of your own, his story can show them inspiration and teach them to be kind, generous, and compassionate. Some of the subject matter might be a little heavy depending on your child’s age, but it is important for all of us to learn this part of history.