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Privacy Pop Picnic

Summer is now decidedly here to stay. There may be a few more spring showers to come, but we can now safely unpack those last few summer storage bins and start looking forward to a fun summer filled with sun and outdoor activities. For most children, summer is a magical time when they are free from all responsibilities and schedules. For parents and grandparents, summer is the time when they can bond with their little ones by reconnecting with their own inner child and rediscovering the magic of the great outdoors in full summer bloom.

If you already own a Privacy Pop bed tent, you’ve probably enjoyed (or seen your family enjoy) the cocoon-like effect the tent can have in a sleeping space. The Privacy Pop has the ability to turn any bed into a cozy, private nest perfect for snuggling and snoozing during the long, cold winter months. But as the weather gets warm, the Privacy Pop suddenly takes on a new capability! Because of it’s lightweight and easy transportability, the Privacy Pop can very easily be plucked off of a bed and thrown up outside to create a lovely shaded area in your backyard or on the beach. Depending on the color of your tent, you may enjoy soft sunlight filtering in - and the mesh windows and large side flaps can always be opened to let more light and fresh air in.

The Privacy Pop bug tent, made of strong, protective mesh, is another great option for people who live in a warmer, mosquito-prone environment but love throwing starlit slumber parties and outdoor picnics. The bug tent can be closed off completely while allowing ample space for a few people to sit together comfortably, while the structure and breathability of the mesh ensures that you never feel stifled within. The next time you have the impulse to throw a picnic party, check back here for a few great picnic hacks that will make your lunch mess-free and tears-free - here are a few odd items to bring that will help you keep your picnic supplies clean and organized:

A toothbrush holder. The perfect way to store straws before use. Eco-tip: choose compostable cutlery and straws!

A muffin tin. An excellent way to hold your drinks while you’re chowing down.

An empty peanut butter jar. These plastic jars are lightweight and the perfect size for holding a pack of cards, a few dice, and whatever else you need for a small, personalized game kit.

Water balloons. Placing frozen water balloons in your cooler instead of ice will keep your drinks colder, longer.

…and don’t forget your tent! A Privacy Pop picnic is the picnic of the future - finally, we can enjoy the warmth of the sun and the sweetness of the summer breeze without the sunburns and bug bites!