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We all love our pets, but the question of whether furry friends are allowed in bed with us divides pet owners. Some love to keep the cuddles going all night, while other people require some space from the affectionate licking and rubbing at night. Whether you’re trying to create a snuggle zone for you and your favorite animal or looking for a way to stop getting woken up at sunrise by a wet nose, Privacy Pop bed tents are a helpful bed accessory.

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, nearly half of the domestic dogs in the country sleep with their owners - with 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium-sized dogs and 32% of large dogs having the right to bed access. As for cats, 62% snuggle with their adult companions, and an additional 13% cozy up with children. As long as you don’t suffer from an allergy, sleeping with your pet is perfectly healthy, and sometimes even help their owners feel more relaxed, resulting in a better night’s sleep and better general health. For people who love snuggling with their pet before bed, a bed tent can help you create a comforting and cozy space to relax, read and sleep.

If you’re in the near-minority of pet owners that likes to keep the pets out of bed, you would stand to benefit from a bed enclosure that can’t be wiggled under. There are many reasonable justifications for wanting your alone time - whether someone has an allergy, the animal is disruptive, or you just like your space, you’re completely justified in making your room off-limits. If the new bed enclosure makes your pet angry or lonely, try tempting them away with some toys and some new beds of their own. If your pets are used to sleeping with you and need to get the boot, it may take some time to train them to stay away - but stay determined and use all available resources - your sleep is worth the effort!