New HORIZON Bed Tent

Are you tired of lying in bed, looking at your boring old room? Do you wish you had a personal getaway within the confines of your own home?  Well, your wishes have come true!

With the new HORIZON Bed Tent from Privacy Pop, you can enjoy a private, 360-degree atmosphere in the comfort of your own bedroom. No annoying set up, no messy cleanup, and most importantly, nobody else.

Complete, All-encompassing Comfort

With the Privacy Pop HORIZON Bed Tent, you get a complete, immersive tent atmosphere without ever having to leave your room. With all the sides shut, you can sleep in complete darkness or read your favorite book with the help of a personal lamp. But you don’t have to limit yourself to nighttime activities.

Multi-Directional, Customized Light

The HORIZON Bed Tent has the ability to open on all four sides, allowing you to choose where – and when – you want the light to come in. If you need just enough sunlight to read, simply open one flap. But if you want to let all the light in while keeping an overhead shelter, open all four flaps for maximum exposure.

Even at night, you can open certain flaps to create a cross-breeze so that you can sleep as comfortably as possible. The options are limitless with the HORIZON Bed Tent!

Sleep as Long as You Want

Writing a paper that requires an all-nighter? Or maybe you just need to catch up on some much-needed sleep after a long flight. Either way, you can zip yourself into total darkness and silence with the HORIZON Bed Tent. With zippers on both sides of every flap, you can just lie yourself down and shut yourself in without a care in the world. Just make sure to set your alarm!

Superior Stability

With a patented 4-point Distributed Support & Stability System (DSS), the HORIZON Bed Tent is made to last! Although it maintains a sleek profile, this is a strong tent that will hold its form for years to come. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bed fort that holds up to the stability of the HORIZON Bed Tent!

A Variety of Sizes

Whether you’re a toddler with a vivid imagination or an adult who just needs some peace and quiet, there is a HORIZON Bed Tent that will suit your needs! HORIZON is available in Toddler, Twin, Full, and Queen sizes, so almost anybody can enjoy a vacation within their own home! There is even an option for Twin Bunk HORIZON Bed Tents, so that siblings can enjoy adventure and privacy in the same room! It also comes in multiple colors and designs, allowing you to choose the tent that best matches your room.

The Highest Quality Materials

Privacy Pop Tents are made out of the finest materials, so you can be sure that they will hold up to all of your shenanigans! From the strong mesh fabric to the reliable zippers, the HORIZON Bed Tent will impress and comfort you on a daily basis!