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Meet The Greatest College Roommate You’ll Ever

Privacy Pop Bed Tent Meet The Greatest College Roommate You’ll EverCollege is an exciting time.

You’re finally away from your parents. You’ve got your own room. You’ll meet plenty of new friends, go to lots of parties, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two along the way. The best part? Some say it’s your roommate.

You’ll probably be rooming with someone you’ve never met which is super exciting. You’ll get to spend almost every waking hour with them - and ever sleeping hour too. They’ll know everything about you, and you’ll be stuck together like peanut butter and jelly. Which is awesome for like...the first three weeks. After that? Let’s be’ll probably want some space.

Sure, having a new best bud thrust upon you is pretty cool, but even the closest of friends needs some time to themselves. Some time in their space, where the roommate isn’t staring at them from across the room. That’s why you’ll love the bed-tent. It’s the third roommate you didn’t know you needed - but one you’ll fall in love with instantly.

The bed tent is the perfect addition to your dorm room, campus apartment or off-campus setup.

Here’s why:

No More Staring

Your roommate means well, we’re sure of it. Unfortunately, being stuck in the same 12’ x 12’ space for hours on end can cause anyone to go more insane than Kim Kardashian when she finds out she’s out of makeup. The pop-up tent gives you the luxury of having your own space, without the feeling that you’ve got someone staring at you like you’re the last taco at the buffet.

Nighttime, Perfected 

It’s not unusual for people to sleep in their own way. Shirt on, shirt off. Pants on, pants off. Covers get the idea. Sometimes it’s super weird when you know you’ve got someone just a few feet away when you’re trying to be at your most comfortable. The bed-tent gives you the comfort and peace of mind to know you can sleep however you want (just don’t go crazy and try to hang upside down like a bat or something in it...that’s just odd).


If you’ve got a significant other, the bed-tent gives you the comfort of alone time. You’ll be able to just have a feeling of separation from your roommate, when you want to snuggle, cuddle, or simply just relaxing together. We’re not saying you should turn the tent into a one night hotel stay, but it is nice just to have your own space.

The pop-up bed tent is simple to use and creates that extra layer of privacy so that you’re new best friend doesn’t quickly turn into that person you just can’t wait to get away from.

 Simple to set up, comfortable to sleep in, and the complete solution to your dorm room needs. The bed tent is the other roommate you’ll wish you had.