Last Minute Summer Bucket List Ideas

2020 has been a strange year, and the days, months, and seasons have all seem to blur together. Summer may quickly be fading into fall, but that doesn’t mean that families don’t have time to partake in some fantastic last-minute summertime activities!

Although we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still take advantage of the waning days of summer. International travel may be off the table but consider some of these ideas which can be done without a boarding pass. Just remember to practice proper social distancing and take appropriate safety measure.


There’s nothing quite like taking a break from our ever-connected world and getting back in touch with nature. The weather may be a little cooler in some regions, but that makes for wonderful sleeping weather! It also means you can warm up by the fire where you can cook some delicious flame-kissed meals like hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and even pizzas. And don’t forget about roasted marshmallows!

Apple Picking

Apples are a tasty and nutritious treat, and they taste even better when you pick them fresh! If you live near an apple orchard, pack the kids up and get ready for a beautiful day of colorful foliage and crisp, sweet apples. You don’t have to stop at apples either – the late summer and early fall months are still excellent times for picking sweet corn, carrots, tomatoes, and of course pumpkins!

A Final Romp on the Beach

Even if the water is too cold for swimming, it can be fun to get in one last day at the beach. Pack a lunch, bring some games, and get there early so you can enjoy the diminishing sunlight hours. The water might be treacherous, but the sand will likely be a lot more comfortable for bare feet and hands, making it a perfect time to build sandcastles and toss a ball around.

Take in the Scenery at a State Park

Most state parks have opened back up, and they make for a great day trip or even a long weekend (consider combining this with your camping trip). Hiking can bring you to some splendid panoramic views while providing a mild but beneficial workout. Many parks have other activities available as well. These include fishing, boating, and bird watching

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Kids love being rewarded for completing a challenge and hunting for treasure provides great mental stimulation and a chance to exercise outside. You can plant the treasures yourself and come up with your own clues, or you can download a geocaching app and join a vibrant community of worldwide treasure hunters!

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

If you have the ability to hook your TV or projector up outdoors, an outdoor movie night can be a blast! Fire up some dinner on the grill (don’t forget the popcorn!), set up some hammocks, and vote on the family’s favorite film to enjoy one last night of summer with your favorite characters!