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Indoor Camping-Inspired Beds That Might Help Improve Your Sleep

Indoor Camping-Inspired Beds That Might Help Improve Your Sleep

The lure of sleeping in tents isn’t only appealing in the great outdoors. More people are turning to indoor, camping-inspired beds for quality sleep. Imagine sleeping in your comfy bed with a tent erected over it. Close your eyes and picture a soothing color that lulls you into a calm mindset. Does it feel relaxing? If your answer is yes, the privacy pop might be the key to maintain a healthy sleep hygiene. This bed tent comes in all different colors and sizes, so it can easily fit with the design of your room.

The temptation to use modern technology before bed is much greater today. There are more distractions to keep us stimulated when it’s time to wind down. Something about sleeping in a bed under protective covering seems to eclipse all outside distractions. Are you finding it challenging to catch some z’s? Here are a couple of advantages to nestling in the cozy confines of the Privacy Pop:

1) A Privacy Pop can offer you a sense of escapism. Nestling under the blanket inside of the privacy pop is perfect for quality rest & relaxation. It’s that sacred space you can create for yourself whether you are enjoying a power nap between activities or are ready for a full 8 hours of sleep. You can cuddle up with a book to help still your mind. This bed tent provides a great way to abate the activity going on outside your room.

2) Subduing light is the best and quickest way to get a little shuteye. Your mind is more alert when it’s taking in light and bright colors. Sleeping in the dark cues your internal clock that it is time to rest. Think of all the times you woke up before the alarm went off because the morning light spilled into your room. Reducing natural and artificial light will guarantee increased chances of uninterrupted sleep.

One big bonus of the Privacy Pop is that it’s portable. In addition to using it to frame your mattress, it can be used without a mattress. For happy campers, a snug and warm setting promises a sleep-inducing night. This bed tent emulates a night of camping, but you can add your own mattress to the equation to enhance this serene setting.

Adults aren’t the only ones who experience sleepless nights. Many children are prone to tossing and turning and require plenty of sleep for their development. Some children find it easier to sleep in a tent, because it gives them security and privacy to exercise their imaginations as they drift into their slumber.

This bed tent might be missing from your life if you frequently experience the unsettling feeling that you might miss out on another night of quality sleep. If you love the idea of sleeping in a tent and the feeling of enclosed spaces bring you solace then this may be the solution for you. This easy-to-assemble bed tent is made for adults or children. It gives you an inexpensive and accessible way to enjoy going to bed.