How To Style Your Bed Tent for Halloween

Your Privacy Pop bed tent is your own personal getaway within your home. It’s a warm and cozy retreat where you can read a book, listen to a podcast, or fall fast asleep for the night. However, it can be more than just a place to settle in. You can decorate your bed tent to make a statement or to match nicely with you room.

With Halloween just around the corner, let’s take a look at some ways to transform your bed tent into the ultimate haunted (or heavenly) canopy.

String Lights

String lights are easy to set up, and your bed tent is sturdy enough to hold several. Get some orange and red string lights and your tent will be perfectly illuminated for this festive season.

Black and Orange Streamers

Paper streamers are light and easy to create, so tape some around the top of your bed tent to add to the Halloween aesthetic. You can even hang them over the opening, so you have to crawl through them to get in.


If you want to create a creepy Halloween bungalow, get some fake cobwebs from your favorite Halloween store and stretch them all over and around your bed tent. You could even place some fake spiders all around for an added gross-out factor, but make sure not to creep yourself out in the process!

LED Candles

We don’t recommend lighting real candles around your bed tent, but pulsating LED candles can provide an eerie ambiance that just screams “Halloween.”


Kick the creepy factor up a notch with some homemade tombstones around your bed tent to emulate sleeping in a cemetery. You can craft your tombstones out of foamboard, coloring them with gray spray-paint and writing your scary (or funny) epitaphs in permanent marker. For additional effect, create zombie arms and heads and make them appear as though they are coming out of the ground.

“Abandoned” Signage

Use some lightweight paperboard and your own creativity to create signs that can be taped or hung from your bed tent. Phrases like “Do Not Enter,” “Condemned,” or “Keep Out” can all help to create a haunted house feeling for your Halloween bed tent. You might even consider using pipe cleaner to make some fake barbed wire to place around the tent. Anything to make it look “forbidden” is great for Halloween.

The Pretty Princess Privacy Pop

If you’re not into the spooky side of Halloween, or if you are decorating your tent for a younger daughter, you don’t have to use scary colors or decorations. You can swap out the orange string lights for pink and purple ones. You can add glittery streamers to the tent and create signs that reads “Princess Lane” or “Halloween Castle.” You can even place stuffed unicorns and fairies around the tent to give it that magical look. The great thing about your bed tent is that it is a versatile item that can be decorated however you like!