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How to Create the Perfect Sleeping Environment

How to Create the Perfect Sleeping Environment

A bedroom is usually the heart of one’s home. It is where you start the day, end the day, and where you go when you just want a bit of peace and quiet. Therefore, it is important you make the place as comfortable and pleasing to the eyes and mind as much as possible. You will carefully want to choose your mattress, the sheets and the bedspread, and add to it the right sound, the right temperature, the right scent and everything that you think can help you create the perfect sleeping environment. If you are not sure where to start, here are 3 easy ways you need to keep in mind:

Lose the Light Absence of light is important to kick-start a goodnight’s sleep. If your room has even the smallest presence of light, it can reduce essential melatonin levels and disturb sleep. Most of us think we are sleeping in complete darkness, without taking into account the light sources, such as charging cell phones, clocks, TV lights and other meagre light sources. So, make sure to eliminate that for deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Maintain Your Cool During the night is when your body’s natural temperature drops. This is facilitated by the certain temperatures of your room. A room that is extremely hot or cold can greatly affect the quality of sleep and even affect the quality of REM sleep. Many experts suggest that you keep the temperature of your room between 62 and 68 degrees, and wear warm socks and bedding. Temperature is also extremely important, and a study showed insomniacs who incorporated cooling caps to help lower the body temperature were able to sleep more deeply and for the same number of hours as those who experienced no sleep disorders.

Eliminate Disturbances and Sleep Disruptions
If your sleeping spot is not the most private one (e.g. in a hostel or dormitory), you can invest in a “bed tent” that will provide you with the much needed privacy and seclusion and contribute to a good night’s sleep. Similarly, if the mosquitoes and bugs are causing you to worry, “the bug tent” is all you need. This tent offers 360-degree coverage so you fall into a deep slumber without any annoying bugs to bug you.

Try these tips and see how well they work out for you.