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How To Catch More Z’s: The Best Tea For Sleep

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Chamomile: The Insomniac’s Friend

After a long and busy day, finding the right beverage to help you get to counting sheep is a must! There is a whole laundry list (or five) out there about what activities, foods and drinks are best to get you ready for some shut eye. But in the world of tea, there seems to be one tea in particular that stands head and shoulders above the rest (pun intended), chamomile.

There are a few great reasons why chamomile is such a perfect sleep-aid. To start, unlike “true teas” made from the camellia sinensis or tea plant, chamomile has no caffeine. Chamomile tea is made from the chamomile flower, and it is classified as an herbal tea like rooibos or other teas made from non-tea plant ingredients like mint or lemon-ginger tea.

Chamomile has been a go-to sleep aid and cup of relaxation for centuries and for good reason, chamomile tea has been found to not only aid individuals with sleeping problems like sleep apnea and falling asleep faster, but also helps one enjoy more restful sleep overall. Talk about a win-win!

Part of the reason chamomile is such a hero of the sleep-aid world is because of its anxiety and stress reducing powers. Studies have found that chamomile can help reduce headaches and migraines and raises stress-vanquishing serotonin and melatonin.

Chamomile can also be great as an after-dinner beverage, because it also aids in digestion too! Studies from Ohio State have found that chamomile is not only a master of getting you to hit the hay, but also a stomach health powerhouse. If you have irritation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating or anything in between, chamomile is your friend! Chamomile aids in the smooth passage of gas and wastes through your digestive tract. Chamomile also helps the body get rid of water, gas and other wastes. This reduces bloating and can even aid in weight loss. Restful sleep AND a smaller waistline? Sounds perfect!

And, now that cold and flu season is right around the corner, chamomile has the added benefit of being an immune system enhancer too. Cold, flu, sinus infections and congestion are all fought off by the beneficial compounds and nutrients found in chamomile. For some added vitamin C, add a little bit of lemon to really give that on coming cold or flu the boot.

Chamomile as an anti-inflammatory should not be overlooked, either. Drink chamomile on a regular basis to help aid in recovering from gastrointestinal problems, cramps and even muscle pain. The better sleep chamomile also provides will most likely ease these symptoms, too.

The Best Tea To Balance A Busy Lifestyle

With a busy and active lifestyle, especially one balancing, work, life and family activities, getting a good night’s rest is of tantamount importance. And with the help of some chamomile before bed, you can wake up and be the best you possible. So if you are in the market for a better and more restful sleep, and warm milk just isn’t cutting it, chamomile tea is your new best friend! From stomach and immune system boosting properties to helping to cut down on stress and anxiety, chamomile is your ally and companion on your way to 40 winks!