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How Do Naturally Short Sleepers Thrive

How Do Naturally Short Sleepers Thrive

Virtually all of us have known that one person who is an early riser and who can function consistently on 4 hours of sleep. We’re not talking about a person who wakes up by the drone of their alarm at 7am. The true morning person is someone who wakes up naturally at 4am. Their energy is enviable. They go to sleep at midnight and wake up alert and ready to be productive 4 hours later. They also never get sick due to sleep deprivation. If you know someone like this, there is a great possibility that they have a mutation in their gene called DEC2.

Sleep for most people is essential. With a long, uninterrupted slumber you can reap the following rewards:

Beauty: your body produces blood flow to your skin while you sleep, leaving you with a glowing complexion.
Enhanced concentration: the mind prioritizes information during your slumber, making room for more important information to process and be developed more profoundly
Healthy Immune System: the protective cytokines go into high production when you sleep, strengthening your immune system.

People who function well with little sleep usually carry this mutation in their genes. It is, sort of, like a super power. We all wish we could have more time to do more, but we can’t function without 7 to 8 hours of sleep. When someone can naturally edit that time in half, it is worth entertaining the idea of how the action of sleeping is still a bit of a mystery. When sleep deprivation occurs, it can overtime increase our chances of an untimely death. However, this truth can be eluded by the natural sleeper with total darkness coupled with just a few hours of sleep per day.