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Get The Look: Valentine's Day Inspired Décor

Get The Look: Valentine's Day Inspired DecorI am sure if there is one thing we could agree on, it would be that celebrating Valentine`s Day is all about celebrating the meaningful relationships in our life. The family, the friends, and of course significant other. It`s the most romantic day of the year dedicated to love, delicious chocolate, cheesy greeting cards, and breathtaking bouquets.  

However, why not go one step further this year? Why not decorate the home in the colors of love too?

Regardless of whether you are preparing a special dinner for your friends or taking some time off with your significant other, Valentine`s Day inspired décor is a charming and memorable way to show the people you love how much you love them. 

So read on to find out our top three tips on how to decorate your home for this special holiday.

1. All About Flowers

Leave your loved ones speechless by going overboard with the flower arrangements! Besides, you do know there is no such thing as too many flowers? Other than adding a centerpiece for your dining table, add some to the kitchen counter, in the living room, or why not even hang some on the walls (dry ones). Be creative!

Visit the local florist and create wonderful arrangements. Choose to skip the whole “dozen red roses thing” and instead choose something delicate and different. This will definitely be “a nudge” that spring is coming and make your home more welcoming and warm for the holiday.

2. Add Meaning

We don’t even have to state that the people in your home are the ones who are meaningful to you. So, show that!

Quality time with significant other or dinner with your friends, think about the unforgettable moments you`ve spent together, the memories, the visited places, and certain situations. Something will come up from this. Maybe you can create a wall of love with pictures from all these moments; or a string of paper garland decorated with red hearts, sayings that are valuable to you, jokes that make you bond; or how about some pillows (some with funny pictures together and some love-themed).

Let your imagination run wild and you will come up with something. Remember, the unforgettable memories come from the wildest ideas!

3. Finishing Touches

You got the flowers and the decorations. The meal and the desserts! You are almost done.

Lastly *prior to enjoying*, we invite you to take a look around and feel your home. Valentine`s day in your home should feel like a warm hug; like a romantic date night; plush blankets and coziness to another level; scented candles; delicious food and even better wine; and most important - a celebration of love!

Don’t be scared to experiment a bit. Sprinkle some love in your home! Light up the candles, play your favorite music, and make your interior design feel like love! Play with countless shades of pink and red, mix up the materials, and don’t forget to add the meaningful corner too!

Celebrate love, celebrate life!