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Get More Sunlight If You Want to Sleep Better

Get More Sunlight If You Want to Sleep Better

The struggle to get more and better sleep is never-ending for some people. It is for the same reason that many individuals turn to sleep-promising drugs that pose many potential dangers. However, a recent study suggests a better alternative to these meds is sunlight, which is capable of curing the troubles of millions of insomniacs.

The study featured 49 day-shift office employees, 22 of who worked in places with windows and 27 who worked in windowless offices. The aim of researchers was to find if the increased exposure to sunlight actually resulted in better sleep. The results showed a positive impact on workers’ sleep who were exposed to more sunlight. These people slept for 46 minutes more every night as compared to their counterparts.

The study also suggested these people tend to be more physically active, and generally happier. Workers who worked in a windowless room reported lower vitality and more physical complaints, along with lower quality of sleep. Therefore, with just a little more sunshine in your life, you can be on your way to better, improved health and happiness. This should not come as a big surprise as we need sunlight to keep a constant flow of circadian rhythm. We also need sunlight to get our dose of vitamin D, which is vital component for good health.

Furthermore, reports by Health Discovery suggest the time of day that people receive sunlight is also important. Morning sunlight is better than sunlight during the latter parts of the day. The reason why it is good for the body is because it helps regulate our circadian rhythm or, our natural clock, and helps reset these clocks. The study encourages getting sunlight between 6 and 8:30 AM since that’s when our circadian rhythm is most responsive to the sunlight. For added boost, you can stay directly under the morning sun for about 30 minutes.

If you work in a dungeon designed office space, utilize your lunch break, afternoon break, or try to take out time to greet the sunlight during work hours. However, exposing yourself to sunlight means you have to take some precautions, such as applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses, so that you remain safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun.