As adults, we often find ourselves dreading the winter months. They are cold, snowy, windy, and grey. The days are shorter, but the months seem to drag on. However, there can be plenty of joy in the winter months, you just have to look in the right places. You can learn from children, who are able to make the most of any day, even in a blizzard.

If you are looking for some ways to keep your kids busy this winter, consider some of these ideas.

Build a Snowman

A snowman is one of the iconic images of winter, and kids enjoy every moment of putting together their own character. Whether you use carrots, rocks, coal, or scarves doesn’t matter as much as the time put into rolling the pieces of the snowman and customizing him to your kid’s liking. This classic activity never gets old and is a heartwarming tradition to pass onto the next generation.

Go Sledding

Another winter classic, sledding is a blast for everyone involved. Find the local sledding spot and help your son or daughter onto the sled and down the hill. Racing with multiple sleds can be a fun competition and adding weight to increase speed provides some extra thrills.

Make indoor snowflakes

When it’s too cold to go outside, you can bring the fun in with homemade snowflakes. You can use a variety of materials including paper, paper plates, and cotton balls. Let your children carve out and cut their own designs and watch how delighted they are when they open their unique snowflake chains.

Teach Your Kids to Skate

Ice skating is one of those things that doesn’t sound too exciting at first but can provides hours of fun and laughter. It is a wholesome family activity that doesn’t cost much or require too much skill, so anybody can learn it.  Your kids will love spending time with you on the ice rink, even as they slip and slide while they are still learning.

Build an Igloo

Igloos are impressive structures that can stay surprisingly warm, but they aren’t exactly easy to build. Still, there are many tutorials online, and a nice sturdy igloo is a great payoff to a long day of hard work. If you built it well enough, you may even be able to camp out at night and enjoy s’mores, hot chocolate, and other delicious treats.

See the Lights

Even after Christmas, many breathtaking light displays can be visited during the winter. Local parks, zoos, and nature preserves often put on their light shows deep into January. With COVID-19 still active, you will likely have to reserve a spot for social distancing and capacity purposes.

Explore the Winter Wildlife

Although many animals migrate to warmer climates for the winter, there are still plenty of critters running around fields, forests, and lakes. Often, it can be an extra challenge to try to spot them, as they may have warm hideaway homes to keep them safe from the cold.