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Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Bedtime

Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Bedtime

Whether you are focusing on maximum weight loss or trying to regain lean muscle mass, there are certain foods you should not eat right before going to bed. Eating them occasionally is fine, as you can compensate for the weight gain by burning the additional calories, but repeating these mistakes habitually can really mess up your body’s endocrine and metabolic systems, and also jeopardize both your health and physical appearance. Listed below are the top 5 foods you shouldn’t eat or drink after 9 PM:

1. Pasta If you are looking to gain some mass, eating some carbs right before bed can help. However, if not, you should avoid pasta, as it tends to settle around the waist and leads to you piling on the pounds on your midriff. A single pre-bed serving of pasta packs a minimum of 400 calories, so watch out.

2. Chocolate As compared to other late-night snacks, chocolate not only contains high levels of fat and sugar but also caffeine that can rob you off your precious sleep, thus preventing your body from recovering fully from your intense workout sessions of the day. As a result, you will not see much progress that you could otherwise.

3. Pizza If you crave pizza at night, you are certainly not alone. People, regardless of whether they are dieting or trying to gain muscle mass, crave pizza from time to time. Even if it is your cheat day, do not eat a slice or two right before going to bed. This is because each slice of pizza contains a large dose of carbs and saturated fats, which will simply sit in your tummy all night.

4. Coffee It is no surprise that coffee is a sleep stealer and can keep you awake at night. Limit your overall caffeine intake to 200 to 300 milligrams every day, and absolutely avoid it close to bedtime.

5. Orange Juice Citrus fruits are acidic, and can cause problems, especially if you have a sensitive bladder or reflux. If you really want to have some fruit juice before going to bed, apple juice is a great option.

How Long Before Your Bedtime Should You Have Dinner?
It is recommended that you should have your last large meal no later than two or three hours prior to bedtime. If you have your last meal five or six hours before bedtime, you can indulge in a healthy light snack.