Enjoy Total Privacy with the New ECLIPSE Bed Tent
Enjoy Total Privacy with the New ECLIPSE Bed Tent

Privacy can be hard to come by these days, especially in a crowded household. But with the new ECLIPSE Bed Tent from Privacy Pop, you can sleep, read, or just relax in complete privacy! No more siblings making faces at you, no more obnoxious light interrupting your nap, and no more boring old, unimaginative bed.

Panoramic Privacy – Any way you want it

The ECLIPSE Bed Tent offers 360-degree coverage from light, sound, and other surroundings. But you don’t have to sit in 100% darkness at all times. This tent is highly customizable, with 16 different coverage options to allow you just the right amount of privacy. If you want to block out your room but open up to your window so you can enjoy the outdoor scenery, feel free. If you want to block out all ambient light so you can enjoy a scary movie in the dark, just open up the foot end so you can view your TV with ease.

Simple 4 Way Access

No matter where you want to enter your bed, you can open up the ECLIPSE Bed Tent to accommodate. With 4 doors, one on every side, you can customize your tent to work seamlessly with your room’s set up. There’s no extra work involved.

Multiple Lighting Options

You can set up your ECLIPSE Bed Tent to let in as much or as little light as possible. If you prefer a canopy-style setup that lets in all the light, open up all the doors and windows. If you want to let a little bit of light in but still want to reduce glare, use the mesh windows, which will also allow steady airflow. Or if you want to enjoy complete and total darkness, zip down all the doors and sleep like it’s the middle of the night – even during the brightest hours of day.

Portable Privacy

The ECLIPSE Bed Tent folds down into a compact, easy to carry tote bag. Bring your ECLIPSE tent anywhere that you might want to seclude yourself from your surroundings. It’s great for getting away within a dorm room, shared bedroom, or sleeping hall. But even if you have your own room, it provides a nice, quiet oasis where you can escape from the world for a bit.

Available in 4 Sizes

The ECLIPSE Bed Tent can be purchased in Toddler, Twin, Full, and Queen sizes, so it should fit almost any bed in your home. This is a great personal getaway for children and adults alike!

Easy to Set Up, Easy to use

The ECLIPSE Bed Tent can be set up in a matter of minutes and taken down just as easily. With poles that attach together with no effort and a cover that slips right on, this is probably the easiest tent you’ll ever assemble. Once it’s ready to go, the zipper doors can be accessed from both sides, so you won’t waste time fidgeting when trying to open or close your tent.