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Easter In The USA

Easter In The USA

Magical spring is already here! The sun is shining brighter than ever, the flowers are blooming and so does the trees. Feels like a rebirth, like a fresh start, like the beginning of something new.

In the peak of Spring, comes this great holiday which is also all about the above mentioned fresh start.

Yes, we are talking about Easter and the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection from the dead.

Other than Christmas, Easter is considered as one of the biggest, most important, honored, and most celebrated holidays among Christians from all across the globe.

Unlike other holidays such as Christmas and Halloween which have fixed dates, Easter`s date varies each and every year always between March 22 and April 25. This year Easter falls on Sunday, April 12. We won`t go into how these calculations are made because you won`t need them, but we will talk about some interesting Easter traditions.

All of the Easter Symbols

First of all, Easter is celebrated with a special church service. And then, Easter eggs! Colorful and decorative, or made of chocolate and very much eatable! No one can resist the Easter temptation. Another common thing is the organization of Easter egg hunts. Adults hide some painted eggs inside the house and in the yard, and children search for them. Once all the eggs are collected Easter Egg Roll can begin, another irreplaceable tradition. Easter Egg Roll started as a tradition in the White House when the wife of the fourth President, Dolly Madison, organized it. Ever since then, Americans are allowed to spend the Easter Monday on the White House Lawn chasing some eggs (the only day in the year). Spending some quality family time together is always nice. Besides the Easter eggs, another common Easter symbol is the bunny. Known all over the world, it is also made as a recognizable chocolate threat.

The Traditional Easter Food

Other than all the chocolate threats, not a single Easter can go without the traditional Easter Meal. Baked ham is the thing why everyone gets around the dining table. Cooked in the oven with a spicy or a honey-mustard marinade, this dish is the star of the night.

The Easter Parades

Lastly, we must mention the unforgettable Easter Parades. Colorful and cheerful, the Easter parade starts around 10 a. m. and lasts almost the entire day. People are wearing colorful costumes, marching bands play some music, decorated Easter wagons roll on the streets, and the people are dressed up as Easter bunnies. It`s all like one big party where everyone is supposed to have some fun. The most popular and biggest Easter parade takes place in New York on Fifth Avenue where thousands and thousands of people come to celebrate the day together!

What are your family traditions? How are you spending this Easter?

We believe Easter is all about coming together with your family and celebrate re-birth, the awakening of nature, and of course, being alive.