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Disadvantages of Sleeping On a Low-Quality Mattress

Disadvantages of Sleeping On a Low-Quality Mattress

We all face sleepless nights, lots of tossing and turning, and feeling fatigued after waking up at some point. Most people blame it on stress, others on caffeine but few people actually realize that the problem could be their mattress.

A small study carried out in 2009 involved 59 healthy men and women who were asked to sleep for 28 days straight on their standard mattress, and then another 28 days on a brand new, medium-firm mattress. Upon evaluation, their stress levels showed a decline because the newer beds resulted in less racing thoughts, worrying, irritability, nervousness, trembling, headaches and more. The study concluded that the quality of sleep of the participants increased drastically with the firmer setup as they enjoyed more comfort.

Another reason why your mattress could be robbing you of your precious sleep is that you may be allergic to it. Millions of dust mites and other allergens can inhabit your mattress, feeding on your dead skin cells and moisture and contributing to your allergies and disrupted sleep, especially if you are asthmatic.

Washing pillowcases and sheets in hot water occasionally can help you get rid of dust mites. Another easy tip you can try is flipping the mattress to the other side, which will help eliminate moisture level and thereby thwart the presence of mites.

The comfort level of a mattress varies from person to person and is highly subjective, depending on their weight and personal preference. Some people go for the ‘ultra-plush’ feeling while others prefer a firm mattress. It all narrows down to an individual’s comfort level. If your current mattress is too hard or too soft for you, consider investing in a new one and try it for at least 20 minutes before you purchase it.

If your mattress is full of holes with stuffing coming out or has a spring poking into the small of your back, it is no wonder why it could be responsible for disrupting your sleep. An obviously dilapidated mattress is a good sign that you need to invest in a new one to bring back your nights of long and peaceful hours of sleep, followed by fresh, ache-free mornings.

Your mattress is without a doubt the foundation for a good night’s sleep and it is therefore important for you to make sure it is line with your comfort level and personal preference.