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Creative Bedside Accessories For Better Sleep

Creative Bedside Accessories

Thanks to advancing technology and the creative, whimsy minds of techies, there are all sorts of new gadgets that can help you “hack” your sleep. There’s an app for almost everything now, so why not one that could gently wake you up and help you record your dreams? We have tons of gizmos and tools that can move on their own, so why not an alarm clock that you have to chase across the room? As new research shows ever more clearly how essential sleep is to our mental and physical health, we’re seeing more and more of these fun, creative bedside accessories that will help you get higher-quality sleep and wake up feeling fresh and ready for your day.

Nanda Home Clocky

CLOCKY The Runaway Alarm Clock Privacy Pop

An innovative alarm clock that will help those of you with a snooze-button addiction hit the ground running. This funny or devilish gadget - depending on how hard it is for you to wake up - forces you to chase it across the room in order to turn that alarm off.

Cloud B Twinkles To Go

 Twinkles To Go Octo™ - Pink Privacy Pop

A super cuddly nightlight for kids or playful adults that can hang out on the bed and provide a soft reading light. Great for traveling.

Solar Glo Boy

 Glo-Boy Solar Night Light Privacy Pop

During the day, this little friend charges up on the windowsill. When you flip him back at night, he’ll give off a friendly glow for up to 6 hours.

Sleep Yoga Pillow

 Sleep Yoga Pillow Privacy Pop

Hypoallergenic bolsters that will improve your posture when sleeping, reading, working, or just hanging.

Gummy Bear Lights

Gummy Bear Lights Privacy Pop

These cute LED lights pop on with a simple squeeze of their bellies. Best of all - no cords and no need for a table!

The Dreampad

Dreampad Privacy Pop

The Dreampad delivers music directly to your inner ear though soft vibrations that only you can hear. Research is showing that it’s proving capable of stimulating our body’s relaxation response, which allows us to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply throughout the night.


Pillow App Privacy Pop

Pillow is a great app for those of you who want to try hacking their sleep for optimal benefit. Drawing from your phone’s motion and sound sensors, it analyzes how well you’re sleeping and calculates the optimal time to wake you up. If you want to get super intense, you can sync Pillow with Apple’s Health app to compare your sleep quality with potentially related metrics like your weight, diet, caffeine consumption, or blood pressure.