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Combat Signs of Aging with Sleep

Combat Signs of Aging with Sleep

Aging, health, skin and beauty are all interconnected and you can demise wrinkles and aging spots and slow down your aging process by tenfold and that even without breaking your bank.

The aim of this article is to explain how sleeping habits and signs of aging are interconnected. But, first let’s break down on what are the signs of aging.

Apparently, wrinkles, dull skin tone, dry hands and white hair are the most prominent signs of aging - It doesn’t take a doctor to tell you that! And neither do you need to be a professional makeup artist to cover up your wrinkles most delicately and also scheduling up a cosmetic surgery might simply appear one smart choice to your skin appear younger. But, wait here’s what you need to know.

While a concealer might cover up your wrinkles it won’t fix up sagging skin due to aging. And, while a Botox may lift up your face, cosmetic surgery is worth thousands of risks- according to Mayo Clinic.

So, how can you combat the signs of aging? How can you slow down the aging process and look younger? And most importantly, how can you age well while you sleep?

Reduce The Signs Of Aging With A Good Sleeping Habit

Truly for once, the best things in life are free. You don’t need to spend a million dollars to look a bit younger. In fact you can reduce a lot of the signs of aging within a month or two and without spending a lump sum amount of money and time.

Turns out aging and sleeping are inter-related and having a good-quality sleep can dramatically slow down your aging process.

Surely, you must know that 8-9 hours of sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

But, here’s the catch: are you getting the good quality of sleep which you actually require?

In fact, 8-10 hours of sleep is a good thing and the minimum quantity of sleep required to help the mind and body function optimally. But, what about the quality of sleep?

Surprisingly it turns out that when it is about diminishing the signs of your aging, good quality of sleep reigns over the quantity of it.

A Good Quality Sleep is – All That You Need

A “good-quality” sleep means how well one sleeps. Quality trumps quantity when it is about sleep; which is why you must focus on how well you sleep and improve your sleeping condition to combat the signs of aging most efficiently.

Plenty of science-based studies and researches show that there is a close connection between sleeping habit and our aging process. The impact of sleep is tremendous on how we age and this we can understand by the latest research.

“You are better off with 6.5 hours of high-quality, uninterrupted sleep than a longer period of low-quality sleep”; says Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., the Clinical Psychologist and Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

No matter how many hours you sleep, if your sleeping hour relates to interruptions, disruptions and poor quality one there is no point it. - This is why; it is important to focus on the quality of your sleep. And, most importantly address the issues associated with not getting the right quality of sleep we require.

How to Improve Your Sleep with a Pop-up Bed Tent

Now that you know how upgrading your sleep helps in upgrading your health and combat signs of aging, it is time to know how to improve your sleeping quality and slows down the signs of aging.

Although we understand the importance of a good quality sleep often times we don’t find ways to upgrade our bed and create an ambient private sleeping space. On the other hand, some of us will experience restless toss and turn in a low-quality mattress while the campers will suffer from sleep-deprivation for all the bugs or pests keeping them awake.

This is the idea behind Privacy Pop, a bed tent company that specializes in providing the very best sleeping bed tents to get the good quality of sleep even in the direst situations.

  • A Bed Tent for a Real, Deep Sleep

Be it a family movie night or the person beside you has the habit of keeping the lights on while sleeping with Privacy Pop’s bed tent range of collections you know the key to master smarter sleeping nights.

The bed tent provides a surefire way of complete seclusion and privacy for a deep, deep sleep that you yearn for and is also easy to set up at any place you want.

If you have got insomnia trying to make sure you are doing everything possible to get a good sleep then it is time to upgrade your uncomfortable sleeping quarters. While you may not make the entire bedroom a space of complete serenity you may well make your own bed conducting to better quality sleep. And this you can do with a quality bed tent.

Create your own sleeping space and turn your bed into an oasis of solitude with The Bed Tent from Privacy Pops. To know more visit:

  • A Pop Net Tent To Sleep Anytime Anywhere

Considering for a short nap during endless office hours is not a crime at all. But, you can turn these short naps on your desk into a more restorative kind of sleep.

Privacy Pop’s Net Tent is one perfect nap bubble head cover to get a good sleep just at any time and anywhere. – An asleep smarter accessory which is worth the investment for getting the complete privacy and seclusion and getting a quick nap without any disturbance. To know more visit:

  • A Bug Tent to Sleep Better While Camping Out

Sleeping better while camping out means a good foldable bed tent which is easy to set up and fends off the bugs and mosquitoes. And this is what Privacy Pop’s bug tent is about.

Privacy Pop’s bug tents are great for light sleepers, campers and even youngsters and provide maximum protection from bugs or pest ensuring better quality sleep. To know more visit: