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Christmas Gift Ideas

Privacy Pop Bed Tent Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas looming ever closer, it is time to start thinking about gift ideas. And with the days getting colder as winter begins to settle in, we seek our bed and cozy bedrooms.

So, Give the Gift of Cozy

What better gift to give than the Privacy Pop, to personalize your loved one’s bed and give them that cozy feeling, snug in their private space.

But what other sleeping essentials can you gift to give comfort and personal touch to the bedroom?

Gifts for Kids

Novelty Pillows

No bed is complete without a pillow and what better way to personalize your child’s bed than with a pillow to match their likes and personality.

With options ranging from any animal you can think, musical instruments and items of food, to favorite movie or TV characters and everything cute, cool or funny in between. There will be something to suit your little one’s tastes and make their cozy bed unique and just for them.

Night Lights

Not only do lights provide a feeling of safety, but they can also give a magical touch.

Think fairy lights and novelty string lights hung around the bed. You can even get Bluetooth speaker string lights to add gentle lullaby music for drifting off to sleep. Or a transparent curtain with LED lights.

Consider projection lights of stars and constellations or other magical displays. Or think outside the box with glowing teddy bears or their name in neon lights on the wall. Think textures with soft wall cloud lights or lamps with removable lights for kids to carry to the bathroom at night.

Doodle Pillowcases

For the child who can’t get enough of drawing, the doodle pillowcase comes with wash-out fabric pens so they can keep coming up with new designs as they change their tastes and develop their skills.

Warm Cuddles

For those extra cold nights, a plush toy hot water bottle will keep your little one cozy and warm while they cuddle with their warm sleep time friend.

For extra safety and especially for very young children, microwavable heated plush toys are a great alternative and many come scented with relaxing fragrances like lavender to soothe to sleep.

Gifts for Adults

Pillow Mist

The right soothing scent can help send your loved ones off to a peaceful sleep. Spray a light mist over the pillow and sheets and let dry for a few minutes. Scents like lavender, jasmine, sandalwood or vanilla will help to relax the senses.

Alternatively, you can gift an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser to fill your loved one’s room with calm inducing scents to give them a restful sleep.

Music In Their Ears

For those who like to drift off to sleep with relaxation music or guided meditations, Fabric Headphones are much more comfortable than regular headphones. The ear speakers are thin enough to prevent any pressure discomfort, especially if your loved one likes to lay on their side.

Alternatively, give your loved one a comfy Speaker Pillow. They can drift off to the sound of pre-programmed white noise sounds or connect their phone or MP3 player to listen to whatever they please, conveniently right under their head.


And for those who like to cozy up in bed with a good book or a cup of tea and a daydream, a comfortable and soft, fleece-lined backrest acts like a sturdy propped up pillow with an armrest feature included.

Bedside Lights

If your loved one likes to read in bed but always drifts off with the light on, gift them an Automatic Shut off Reading Lamp. Or if they like to keep a glass of water by the bed, ensure they can always find it without worry of knocking it over with a Night Light Cup that glows softly on the bedside table.

So, keep your loved ones cozy this year in a Privacy Pop and choose some added dreamy, magical and fun sleeping accessories to enhance the bedroom environment and sleep time experience.