Celebrating Christmas 2020

Christmas will be here before we know it, and it is clear that it might be quite a bit different than in years past. The world is still navigating the COVID crisis, and it is important to remain safe and diligent, especially as we see our families who may include at-risk and elderly members.

We might not be able to enjoy the large Yuletide celebrations that we have in previous years, but there are still plenty of ways to rejoice with our loved ones. Here are some ways that you can keep the Christmas spirit alive during these difficult times.

Zoom Caroling

It isn’t a good idea to go door-to-door singing songs this season, but you can call your friends up on your favorite video chat software and delight them (or horrify them) with some classic Christmas tunes. It will be sure to at least get a laugh and may make for a nice long holiday conversation.

Short Outdoor Gatherings

If you live in a warm climate, outdoor gatherings are generally safe (with proper distancing) and can go on all day. However, people in Northern states will likely not be able to handle the cold weather for hours at a time. That doesn’t mean that you can’t bundle up and go on shorter excursions with your friends and family. Consider buying your Christmas trees together, going cross-country skiing, or even helping your neighbor put up some outdoor Christmas decorations.

Make Christmas Treats for Delivery

The holiday season is all about spreading cheer, and there’s no better way to do that than surprising your loved ones with special treats. Christmas cookies, pastries, and casseroles are loved by all and can be a fun activity to enjoy with your children. Your neighbors, friends, and family will be overjoyed to see your gift show up at their door.

Online Gift Shopping

Christmas isn’t all about gifts, but they are traditional with most families, and can bring a little extra joy to those who can’t get together this year. Instead of having packages delivered to your home, send them straight to the recipient to maintain distancing guidelines.

DIY Gifts

One way to add a personal touch to your gifts is to make something on your own. With the extra time spent inside, you can probably come up with some great ideas for your close friends and family members. They don’t have to be complicated – simple care packages or decorations can go a long way in keeping the feeling of the Christmas season.

Drive-in Christmas Movies

If there are any drive-in theaters near your home (they have been making a resurgence during COVID), check their listings to see if they are playing any Christmas classics this year. A drive-in film can be a great way to get together with loved ones while remaining safe, warm, and distant. Bonus points if they are offering treats such as hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, and candy canes!