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Black Friday Boot Camp

Privacy Pop Black Friday Boot Camp

Gone are the days of long lines, tug-of-wars, and hasty purchases. E-commerce has shifted Black Friday from a physical sport to one of meticulous planning and self-control. Get ahead of the game this year with these tips & tricks.

Pre-Season Training

Preparation comes down to organisation. Start a list early to give yourself time to think, edit, and refine.

Big-ticket Can Stick It

Huge discounts on expensive items are the big draw of Black Friday, but instead of focusing all your energy on big purchases try narrowing the list to things you’ll have guaranteed to make use of. Electronics tend to be the biggest savers here!

Repurchases? What?

Order things you already consistently purchase multiple times a year. Think about brands you’re loyal to and that cost you a moderate amount fairly often. For example, if you need new mascara every other month, 6 x $30 = 180 at a discount of 15-25% could save you $27-45 over the course of a year (that’s 1-1.5 more mascaras!)

Gifts? Yes!

Think ahead and spoil your friends and family for the holidays. Consider buying them things they never knew they needed, that they can use daily which are synonymous with their lifestyle and will improve their quality of life in a surprising way! Think lightweight and pack-able for your adventurous friends, personal space for your pets, and universality for the relatives you know less well.

It can also be useful to have your own yearly signature gift which you can buy multiples of for when you don’t have time to get overly sentimental during your shopping.

The Main Event:

(Midnight Thursday-Monday)

Block Out When You’ll Rock Out.

Some discounts might roll out closer to Cyber Monday, but chances of things selling out before then are high! Set an alarm for 11:30 Thursday night to set up your space and set up your tabs early.

Private Cave = Ultimate Privacy

If you’re staying with family for the long weekend, hopefully you aren’t sharing a room! The last thing you want is your uncle watching you over your shoulder and criticizing how you spend your money (make sure to pick them up a nice accessory for their $3,000 gaming console). Do your best to dig into the web from a private space (a bed tent is easier than a blanket fort).

Beat The Crowds

Order your purchases accordingly and be first in line for items in high demand! Guarantee your purchase without literally having to wait in a parking lot. Do your finger stretches and get ready for your Friday 00:01 purchases.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

Quick-clicking and stress can cause hard-to-correct oversights. Sites you haven’t shopped on for a while might have a default address which is no longer accurate. Packages are often assembled and shipped faster than Customer Service can correct errors, so save yourself some trouble by being thorough!