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Benefits of Therapeutic Scents & Aromatherapy Candles

Benefits of Therapeutic Scents & Aromatherapy Candles

Did you know that not all scented candles are the same and certain ones have many therapeutic benefits? In fact, the scented candles which come with the healing properties are referred to as aromatherapy candles and are much more superior to regular ones.

The aromatherapy candles are different and much better than synthetically scented ones in terms of the therapeutic benefits. These candles have therapeutic benefits and promote emotional health and well-being, hence the term “aromatherapy”.

You must be wondering what therapeutic benefits an aromatherapy candle could have and all these facts will get crystal clear in a short while. In this article we will discuss on the scented candles which has therapeutic benefits.

To be more precise this article will explain how aromatherapy candles work their magical healing benefits and how to incorporate the best aromatherapy candles with your day-to-day life for an instant mood-lift.

What Is An Aromatherapy Candle And How It Works?

Unlike, synthetic candles the aromatherapy candles are all-natural ones and made with essential oil working as the main carrier of the fragrance.

Speaking about fragrance, when you light up an aromatherapy candle it starts its magical process of enhancing your well being by first catching your nasal cavity. Inhaling the molecules of the drifted fragrance extracted from essential oil stimulates and triggers your brain receptors.

Different natural scents diffused from the aromatherapy candles triggers brain receptors and enhances mood differently. The scents that you inhale from aromatherapy candles are made using essential oils and in this case you must know that these essential oils have been used by Greeks and Egyptians as aromatherapy scents to heal diseases and enhance well being.

Aromatherapy candles Versus Scented Candles - which one is better?

Apparently both the candles will make your house smell incredible but there are distinctive differences in between them. And, aromatherapy candles are better than normal scented ones in all aspects.

Why aromatherapy candles are better than regular scented ones? - While the regular scented candles contain synthetic fragrances the aromatherapy candles are all-natural and contain pure essential oil. Aromatherapy candles are much more superior to the regular ones and this you can understand from the following factors which make the aromatherapy candles so special.

  • All-Natural & Carries Pure Essential Oil

In addition to the essential oil, the aromatherapy candles are expertly-formulated and provide therapeutic benefits which are why; oftentimes these candles are used in top-rated spas, salons, massage therapists and aromatherapy centers.

  • Lasts Longer and Burns Evenly

Another reason which makes the aromatherapy candles much better than traditional scented ones are that the aromatherapy candles are made with the natural wax base which is why these candles can burn for more hours compared to regular ones.

Most importantly, the aromatherapy candles come with better quality wick and this makes the candles burn evenly without producing uncomfortable smokes like the regular scented ones.

  • Fire Safety

Burning the aromatherapy candles are safer compared to regular scented ones. After all, longer wicks and can flare up and catch fire while the inferior fragrance oil used in regular scented candles is also prone to catch fire.

But, aromatherapy candles crafted by artisans and experts are manufactured with all-cotton wick, and safer natural material which is why, burning the candles is most safe compared to regular scented ones.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Aromatherapy Candles

The aroma of therapeutic candles is distinctively comforting and alluringly peaceful. Apart from making your house smell incredible aromatherapy candles can make you happier and stress-free. And, what more is that inhaling the aroma from aromatherapy candles results in health benefits.

Do you know that lighting up an aromatherapy candle which comes with a blend of bitter orange can relieve you from tension and anxiety? It is in fact.

Speaking about other therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy candles the following scented ones are known to provide the best healing properties-

  • Lavender – The most popular essential oil, lavender is known to have calming benefits and is most helpful form over-stressed minds.
  • Lemon – Lemon scented candles are most popular to ease nausea and revitalize mind and body.
  • Damask Rose – Damask Rose scented candles are luxurious ones and boosts romance and better sleep.
  • Eucalyptus- The blend of eucalyptus essential oil is known to soothe headaches and relieve cold and clogged sinuses.
  • Cedar-wood beeswax candles- The cedar wood beeswax candles carry a lingering woody aroma and is known to improve brain pattern and concentration.
  • Vanilla – Vanilla aroma has been rated as the most relaxing fragrance for many, many years. In fact, plenty of studies and researches has tested and stated vanilla scents to have the best calming effect.

In fact, the vanilla fragrance is included as a normal part of MRI scans in the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the New York City’s research institute. It is because; their research study on the fragrance properties has rated Vanilla as the best relaxing one.

If you really want to reap the full benefits of aromatherapy candles then light one up right before sleep. And, most importantly create a cozy sleeping space as in a personal zone where you can really relax.

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Candle Safety

Last, but not the least there is always something beautiful about candles but do make sure to follow the candle safety guidelines.

After all, nearly 16% of fire hazards are caused by candles according to NFPA “Home Candle Fires” report. So, it is better to consider good-quality aromatherapy candles as these come with less fire hazard risks.

With the fall season knocking in it is time to treat yourself up with amazing fall-inspired candles. Try incorporating a cinnamon pumpkin-scented aromatherapy candle and reap the most pleasant therapeutic benefits right inside your home.

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