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Answering Your Burning Questions ūüĒ•

Privacy Pop Bed Tent


Ever wondered how to style your Privacy Pop like our photos?
Today, we're sitting down with Christine (@_forthehome) and answering your burning questions about adding that Pinterest perfect look to your Bed Tent. 

Before you begin to decorate your space, what is the first thing you do?
Clean! I love to start with a clean slate before decorating. 
It not only clears the room of any excess things in the room, but it allows my mind to see more opportunities within the space!  

You decorate a lot, and are so good at it, what stores do you recommend people to go to find their decorations?
Thank you so much for the compliment! I truthfully shop everywhere.
My advice would be to keep an open mind while looking for decor.
I love shopping around but I also love creating decor myself!  

How long does it typically take you to find the right aesthetic for the space you're decorating?
This totally depends on the shoot! 
If I'm creating a mural, this can take 8-12 hours just to create the backdrop. 

Do you re-purpose your decorations for each shoot/each space you're setting up? If so, what items can you NOT live without when decorating?
Most of the time if I'm creating content for a specific company,
they have a style separate from mine, so I don't re-purpose the props in my own home. I have a storage space that holds all of my decor for content creation. 

What is a budget saving tip you would give to people looking to re-decorate their space?
Shop your home! Sometimes moving items to a new area will make the space feel new and fresh.  

What is your favorite thing about decorating and curating special scenes and spaces?
I'm a creative, so the whole process is honestly my favorite! 
One thing I really love is creating murals and backdrops.