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5 Ways in Which Summer Affects Your Sleep

5 Ways in Which Summer Affects Your Sleep

Approximately a third of Americans report sleeping six or less than six hours every night. This is in spite of the fact that long-term sleep loss is linked with a variety of severe health conditions including obesity and heart problems. In light of this, we have compiled a list of 5 ways that the new season of summer will affects your sleep.

1. Temperature
If it is hot outside, chances are you are going to have a more disturbed sleep pattern. How can anyone sleep in intense heat – you need to have air conditioning to regulate the temperature inside the room to comfortably sleep or rest. But it doesn’t have to be an ice box to ensure a goodnight’s sleep. Most people prefer something in the range of low 70s.

2. Noise
The warm temperatures make us all want to enjoy some time outdoors, but the downside is when neighbors get loud and keep you awake. In such a case, earplugs and thick curtains can help.

3. Light
All the additional hours of daylight we take advantage of in the summers sometimes come at a price: depending on what time you go to sleep and where you live, it could still be light outside by the time you hit the bed. Since light is a stimulus and encourages wakefulness, your sleep cycle can be badly affected. The best solution here is to darken the room as much as possible and make your sleeping environment a nice and pleasant one.

4. Allergies
Ah, the summer allergies! As per WebMD, pollen is the main contributor to summer allergies with weeds and grasses being especially problematic. According to the National Sleep Foundation, symptoms of allergy impact sleep drastically (and sleep loss can in turn worsen the allergies, creating a vicious cycle).

To avoid this problem, try using an air purifier and keep the windows closed, especially during the day, to keep the pollens out. Before going to bed, take a nice, lukewarm bath to get rid of any pollen that may be stuck to your body or hair.

5. Vacations
Summer vacations, a sweet escape from everyday hustle and fluctuating sleep patterns. Longer vacations can alter the time you to go to bed and mess up your sleep schedule even after the vacations are over. To prevent this from continuing, you will have to take the necessary steps to gradually fall back in your daily sleep schedule.