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5 Tips For Waking Up Early

5 Tips For Waking Up EarlyBy Peter Manley

Maybe you read some articles about how people who wake up earlier tend to be more successful. Or perhaps you ran across the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that states, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise". For the sake of self-development and striving to be your best, you now want to start waking up early as well.

However, especially if you’re a night owl or someone who just doesn’t like mornings, then starting a habit of waking up early can feel like the hardest thing to do. After all, waking up earlier almost sounds like you’re intentionally robbing yourself of sleep that you could be enjoying. That’s not the case, of course.

In fact, waking up early can truly be one of the greatest changes you can make in your life. As many early risers will vouch, it gives you several hours in your morning to work on yourself as a person, achieving many victories before others are even awake. That’s a powerful feeling.

But of course, wanting to become an early bird and actually becoming one are two completely different actions. The good news is, there are several things you can do to help make the switch up process much easier. Let’s take a look at five essential tips to follow if you’re wanting to wake up early.


1. Make The Change Gradual

Much too often, we want to jump from one extreme to another. Even if it does work for some time, it is likely bound to be short-lived since it is not a practice built to be sustainable. Think about it: if you usually wake up at 10 AM and try to start waking up at 5 AM, that’s a huge five-hour difference we’re talking about.

Instead, start small. Try adjusting your schedule in 30-minute increments, adjusting by another 30 minutes every week. Eventually, you’ll be waking up at your desired time without even realizing it.


2. Prioritize Getting Enough Sleep

If you’re currently a night owl, you can’t continue to be that while also being an early bird. Eventually, one of the two is going to give. If waking up early is a big goal of yours, aim to start going to be earlier to compensate. While this does mean that you’ll have to give up your nightly routine of Netflix, gaming and social media, it also means that you’ll enjoy early mornings of positive energy and success.


3. Get Inspired About The Idea Of Early Rising

If you’ve never been a morning person, it can be easy to feel negative about the idea of becoming an early riser. But when you have a negative inner dialogue about waking up early, your subconscious paints this negative idea around it altogether. Basically, if you tell yourself you’re not a morning person, you never will be one.

Instead, focus on getting yourself inspired for it. Try listening to podcasts about waking up early, reading books about successful early birds, or looking up articles on the topic. When you develop a positive outlook on waking up early, it will happen that much easier.


4. Follow A Consistent Sleep Routine

Your body works on an internal clock that it likes to follow. Because of this, it will be much easier to stick to an early morning routine if you wake up and go to bed at the same time. Plus, when you start having a regular wake up time, your body actually learns this and begins the waking up process even before your alarm goes off. Therefore, waking up will feel effortless.


5. Find A Strong Reason To Wake Up Early

If you’re trying to wake up early just because you heard it makes other people more successful, you may still struggle to do so yourself. Instead, aim to plan something enjoyable or fun that you will do first thing in the morning when you wake. This can be reading a book, going for a walk, meditation, taking a nice shower, etc. By giving yourself the motivation to wake up early, you’ll have a much easier time actually doing so.