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5 Thanksgiving Traditions To Try This Year

Privacy Pop Bed Tent Five Thanksgiving Traditions to Try This Year

Author: Peter Manley

With Thanksgiving being an age-old holiday, most of us already have our own special way of celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. We may bake the turkey and ham the morning of, make the stuffing, add a side of mashed potatoes and gravy, and all of the other foods that are widely accepted as part of the Thanksgiving tradition.

But have you ever thought about adding new traditions to you and your family’s Thanksgiving celebration? Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that doesn’t call for much out of the box thinking, but perhaps it may be time to add some new fun to the celebration. Adding new ways of having fun and enjoying your loved ones will only serve to breathe even more life into the holiday, making your Thanksgiving celebrations to come that much more memorable.

If you’re not sure where to start with the whole “new traditions” thing, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at five Thanksgiving traditions to try this year. Who knows, your new tradition may be one that sticks for many generations to come. Let’s dive in.

1. Host A Sports Olympics

A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones is to add a bit of competition to the mix. While most families opt for eating a large meal and lounging around afterward (or sneaking away for a nap), why not make this Thanksgiving an active one?

Gather your family members outside for a session of competitive sports. You can play whatever sport you want, whether it be football, soccer, tennis, or basketball. As long as everyone of all ages can participate, you and your family will have the time of your lives. What better way to burn off turkey and stuffing?

2. Have A Thanksgiving Picnic

Rather than being cooped up in the house this year, why not try bringing your Thanksgiving outside? That’s right, that means setting your table up outside, turkey, glazed ham, and all. Enjoying your Thanksgiving feast outside will bring a new flare of fun and freshness to the holiday as you enjoy the smells of nature and the open air around you. After feasting, the kids can be free to run around and play, and the adults can sit around a fire and reminisce about the good times.

3. Go International With Your Food 

We don’t mean literally traveling internationally (although that sounds like fun). What we mean is that instead of sticking to your traditional turkey, ham, stuffing, and the usual plates of Thanksgiving, why not try making food from another culture? For example, try making a range of Jamaican or Italian food this year instead. The new flavors and the challenges of making new foods altogether will bring more fun to the holiday.

4. Write What You’re Thankful For On the Tablecloth

This idea is all about remembering what we’re thankful for. After all, it is Thanksgiving we’re talking about here. Rather than just saying what you’re thankful for this year, try writing it down in a fun and memorable way.

Cover your table with butcher paper or a disposable tablecloth. Right before you and your family feast, give everyone a marker and have them write down some things they are thankful for this year. Once everyone has written theirs on the tablecloth, go around the table and have everyone share a few things from their list. It’s fun, it’s cheap, and it’s memorable.

5. Volunteer As A Family

After celebrating the holiday with your family and loved ones, why not spread the love to those who are less fortunate this year? While it may be hard to coordinate for you and your entire family to volunteer at a soup kitchen together, a great way to still spread the love is by donating to a local charity. Have each family member bring clothing, toys, or canned goods. After lunch, you can all make a quick trip to the local charity and donate the items you’ve gathered. You and your family will be helping people in need, which is a humbling and heartwarming experience - especially on Thanksgiving day.