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5 Great Man Cave Decoration Ideas to Consider

5 Great Man Cave Decoration Ideas To ConsiderBy Peter Manley

When you want a personal space where you can just relax, unwind, and be free of all of life’s worries, the man cave is a better place than any. For men, the man cave is a personal retreat and/or hobby zone where we can relax and just be ourselves.

Because man caves are often the only spaces men––especially those with families––can truly call their own, it should be decorated and designed to match the man’s style, interests, and masculinity. If you do a quick search on the web you’ll find a wide variety of man caves that range from outdoorsy and rustic to sleek and modern.

The thing is, there is no right or wrong way to design a man cave. After all, it’s supposed to represent you as a person, not what others want. However, if this is your first time designing a man cave, you may be confused about where to start.

While every man is different, there are some awesome pieces that could go great in just about any man’s setup. To help you as you plan your very own personal sanctuary, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at five awesome man cave decoration ideas to consider.


1. Home Bar

Especially for the classic man with a taste for a choice glass of scotch, a home bar can be the perfect man cave setup. You can design the home bar to be in any style you want, such as rustic and saloon-like, modern and minimal, or classic and steampunk. In addition to looking awesome, the home bar can easily turn into the best hangout spot for you and your friends on any given night. Added bonus: you’ll never have to worry about safety––you and your friends will be in the safety of your man cave/home.


2. Ultimate Game Room

If you’re a man who simply loves his video games, why not setup your man cave to reflect that? You can turn your man cave into a lounge and high-tech gaming room, complete with gaming chairs, plenty of cushy bean bag couches, and a premium gaming setup. For the ultimate gaming experience, try setting up a surround sound system as well as a large-screen projector. Your man cave will easily be your favorite room in the house.


3. Indoor Outdoorsy Refuge

Especially for the nature-lovers and camping enthusiasts, why not bring the beauty and wonder of the outdoors to your indoor setup? Sometimes you just want to be surrounded by what you love, and this is the perfect way to do so. Some great ways to make this happen are to set up an assortment of large indoor plants or decorate the room with outdoorsy decors such as fishing gear and camping gear. Naturally, the Privacy Pop tent can make a great addition to this style idea, turning your lounge bed into an indoor camping haven.


4. Success Lab

It might seem crazy to some, but there are many men that truly enjoy work and progression in career and business. In fact, chasing success is a hobby for many ambitious men. If you’re one of these men, try turning your man cave into your very own personal success lab. Design it to be relaxing yet functional, having all the tools and ambiance needed while you plot on new ways to achieve more success.


5. The Garage Band

Maybe you used to be a part of a rock band as a teenager and you’ve always held on to that interest. Even if you don’t plan on becoming the next rock star, you can still decorate your man cave to show your personality. Try styling your man cave with a small stage, an assortment of musical instruments, and decoration to match. You can even set up Guitar Hero for fun nights with friends or the family.