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5 Great Gift Ideas for College Students

5 Great Gift Ideas for College Students

By Peter Manley

The summer is just about at its end. And with that, of course, millions of fresh high school graduates will be embarking on their college journeys. Regardless of whether they stay in their hometown or not, one thing is for certain: they’ll be needing a few supplies to get their college career started.

Especially nowadays, what’s hot and trending tends to change rather rapidly, making it feel like a challenge to shop for your new college student. You want to buy them practical and useful things, but you also want them to enjoy and actually like what it is you buy them.

If you don’t know where to start with shopping for gifts for the college student in your life, have no fear. This list of gift ideas are items that your college student will need, want, and actually enjoy. Here are five great gift ideas for the college student in your life.

1. Coffee Maker

Especially if the college student in your life loves a fresh cup of joe, this will be a gift they use and appreciate every morning...or when they’re pulling all-nighters to study for exams! There are many types of coffee makers out there, but some of the most popular include traditional drip, manual brew, or Keurig (single-use) coffee makers.

While coffee makers can indeed get expensive, there are many that come at a very affordable price, often as low as $20 for a single-serve machine.

2. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

If there’s one space that college students appreciate the most, it’s their bedroom. More specifically, their bed is one of their favorite places since its where they’ll spend many hours sleeping, binge-watching Netflix, and life planning.

To really make their bed one of their favorite places to be, give your college student a Privacy Pop Bed Tent. A comfy mattress is the most important thing, of course, but having a bed tent will make their bed a private and comfortable space where they can get away from the busy college life and get a good night’s sleep. Try the Eclipse bed tent for awesome style and appeal.

3. AirPods (or similar)

Remember those wire-thingys that used to hang from headphones and connect to your phone or audio device? Well, wires are now pretty much a thing of the past, and truly wireless buds are the way to go.

College students need their tunes to help them work out, chill out, sleep, or (ahem) party, so wireless buds will become their new best friend. Airpods are easily the most popular option on the market, but there are many other great options too, such as this one or this one.

4. Daily Planner

As young adults transition from high school life to college life, good time management is absolutely critical. Young adults can usually rely on their parents to wake them up for school and make them breakfast, but in college, they’ll have to wake up on their own and make their own breakfast.

Because of this, one of the most helpful (and therefore underrated) gifts you can give to the college student in your life is a daily planner and/or journal. Many college students may start out rebuking the gift at first, only to find that they rely on it several weeks in. Even better, this gift is easily one of the least expensive options on this list!

5. Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini

Technology has come a long way since getting up to change the station on the colossal-sized radio. Nowadays, you can simply get an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini to do that for you.

Thanks to the power of AI technology, you can stay seated on your couch, call out to your mini speaker, and request it to play songs (or tell you the weather, set a reminder, the list goes on). Especially if your college student is a techie, this is the perfect gift to give. It’s surprisingly fairly inexpensive as well, so it won’t break your bank.