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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Military Family Fit and Healthy

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Military Family Fit and Healthy

By Peter Manley


For military service members, getting and staying in good shape isn’t usually that hard. After all, ruck marches, PT, and other physical training are all a part of the military lifestyle (and requirements).

Indeed, staying in shape is just a fact of military living. However, this doesn’t mean that the same goes for your family. Being active and healthy is usually all left to willpower and discipline, making it a tough task for some military family members.

While hiring a personal trainer can definitely do some good, it’s not required in most cases. In fact, becoming more active and healthy can be as easy as making a few adjustments in everyday lifestyle. The key is to make being active and healthy fun, rather than a strict task.

Let’s take a look at five easy ways to keep you and your military family fit and healthy in these unique times.

1. Make Family Walks A Daily Routine

Whether it’s in the morning or right before the sun sets, going for a walk with the family is arguably one of the easiest and most effective ways to get the family moving. Simply put on your shoes, grab a few water bottles, and go for a fun stroll around the neighborhood.

It won’t feel like exercise, but doing this every day can work wonders for you and your family’s health. It also serves as a great time to laugh and bond with the family!

2. Opt For “Active” Family Games

Hopping on the Xbox or pulling out some playing cards are great ways to have fun with the family, sure. However, they tend to involve a whole lot of sitting. While playing these types of games is completely fine, why not add a few “active” games into the mix as well?

Family games like charades, twister, or even bowling are all fun ways to burn a few extra calories while enjoying the family.

3. Get Competitive

If there’s anything that can motivate an entire family, it’s a bit of fun-spirited competition. You can get competitive with the family in so many ways. Football fans? Host your own football season with the family! Or if you’re all want to shed a few pounds, name a prize for the person who loses the most weight in a given period. The options are virtually endless.

4. Schedule “Zero Tech” Time

One of the biggest culprits behind why people live such sedentary lifestyles is technology. Sure, technology has helped us in so many ways. But it has also caused us to be rather sedentary in our routines. We lounge around on our phones, watching TV, playing the game, or browsing the web, leaving no time for being active.

To jumpstart you and your family’s fitness journey, try scheduling set time each day for all technology to be set aside. This will open up time so that you and your family can go for a walk, play football, play board games, or simply sit around the dinner table to share a few laughs. Laughter is good for you, after all!

5. Plan Meals Together

Does your child(ren) avoid vegetables as much as possible? Chances are, it's because eating them has become a task to complete rather than an enjoyable meal to eat. To make healthy eating really fun and adopted, get the entire family involved with meal planning.

You can have your children pick what’s for dinner from a list of healthy options. Because they chose the meal, they’ll enjoy the meal that much more. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard, after all!