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4 Fun Stay-At-Home Activities For The Kids (During Quarantine)

4 Fun Stay-At-Home Activities for the Kids (During Quarantine)

by Peter Manley

Let’s face it––it’s no fun that “outside is closed” indefinitely. Many timeless family favorite activities––such as eating out, bowling, or strolling through the mall––are now off-limits as a result of the novel coronavirus spread.

As a preventative measure to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, a large majority of people are now sheltered-in-place as part of the social distancing practice. This means that just about everyone is stuck at home––including children who’ve had their school year cut short––wondering what to do with all of this force-fed free time.

For the record, the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and is wreaking havoc on the normal life as we know it. But the thing is, there may be some good that can come out of this. Think about it: under normal circumstances, many households seldom have time set aside to engage in activities with the children. Aside from breakfast, dinner, and bedtime, many parents don’t spend much time with their children due to the busy and overstimulated society we live in.

With all this free time on our hands, time in quarantine with our children could very well mean deeper connections, improved relationships, and making new memories with those we love. To help you and your kids stay sane and entertained in these unique times, we’re here to help.

Here are four fun stay-at-home activities that you and your kids can enjoy while in quarantine.

1. Have An Indoor Family Picnic

What better way to pass the time than to bring the outdoors inside? Picnicking has been a family favorite for decades, and it can be the perfect activity to enjoy with the entire family––even the kids.

So grab an old blanket, plan a food and beverage list, and enjoy a fun and delicious picnic in the comfort of your living room. By having your children help out with the planning and meal prepping, they’ll be even more engaged than you can imagine. Bonus points if you bring out pillows and blankets for a movie night after the picnic feast.

2. Set Up A Fun Fort

If there’s one thing that children love doing, it’s building a fort. Even Kim Kardashian was spotted building cardboard forts with her children! The great thing about building a fort with your children is that virtually anything goes. The fort can be big or small, made of cardboard or blankets, the options are endless. Not only is building a fort fun for kids, but it also helps to exercise their creative and motor skills as well.

To set up a permanent fort that is fun and functional, try using a Privacy Pop bed tent to turn your child’s bed into a better sleep fortress! Privacy Pops are not only fun and stylish but help your child to get better sleep at night as well. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your child.

3. Write Old-Fashioned Letters To Loved Ones

In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven society, rarely does anyone take a moment to pull out a pen and paper, write a letter, and send in via “snail mail”. With all this free time on our hands, why not take the time to bring back this outdated-but-meaningful practice?

So grab a pen and paper (or whatever your child decides to write with) and get to writing. Have your child write to someone they love and appreciate, such as grandma, an older sibling, or a dear friend. The recipient will appreciate it more than anything, and your child will feel proud of their good deed. This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing, either.

4. Film Tik Tok Videos

Because, why not! It seems like the entire world is doing it, so you might as well jump on the bandwagon. While social media shouldn’t be at the forefront of activities you and your child(ren) enjoy, TikTok videos are a fun way to spend time together and get effortless exercise through dance and laughter.