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Disadvantages of Sleeping On a Low-Quality Mattress

Disadvantages of Sleeping On a Low-Quality Mattress

Ever wondered why you wake up grumpy or with a perpetual ache in one body part or another? While there could be numerous reasons for a perturbed sleep pattern and its associated body ailments, the most basic of them all is using a low-quality mattress. Though you spend lavishly on phones and gadgets and even have them replaced within years (sometimes months), our humble beds are often neglected. We pay no heed to owning a good mattress, let alone sleeping on one! There’s hardly any science in knowing that a good mattress aids good sleep and its essential to purchase one that is best suited for you.

However, let's first begin by understanding the disadvantages of sleeping on a low-quality mattress:

1. Increased stress levels: A low-quality mattress is incapable of providing you with a good night’s sleep. While you toss and turn in bed the whole time, don’t blame it on your thoughts alone; it could indeed be your mattress that’s causing you discomfort and a lack of some much-deserved sleep.

back pain
2. Back pain: Your spine must be optimally supported while sleeping and an unbraced one can cause stinging back pain – a problem common with many folks. Proper mattress sizes along with a firm mattress supports your body in the right measure and thus helps keep back aches away. A recent study conducted by the Oklahoma State University also showed that once people switched to new mattresses, they experienced a significant decrease in back problems.

3. Allergies: Do you often get up with a stuffy nose or a rash on your skin? The many living germs in your mattress could be triggering this. Low-quality mattresses are often filled with dust mites and even bed-bugs in some cases. These microscopic creatures carry several allergies and it’s not long before they infect you as well. Dust mites are also known to cause eczema and several other skin problems.

4. Asthma and respiratory ailments: Another issue in using low-quality or dust infected mattresses, is the impending dangers of asthma. Dust mites are the real culprits when it comes to respiratory disorders and your mattress cold be a living poof. Studies have also shown that sleeping on a mattress infested with dust mites is one of the prime reasons for asthma amongst adults and children.

5. Snoring: It’s definitely annoying sleeping next to someone who snores. But before you blame the person wholly, consider gifting him or her a new mattress. Low-quality mattresses take shape of your body and often block airways. They are infamously known to promote snoring and can pose several detriments to good sleep.

6. Sleep-Impairment: A bad mattress is best identified by a perpetual impairment of sleep. If you are constantly complaining of poor rest, you might be using the wrong mattress! Though taken lightly, sleep impairment can cause several health problems, some even fatal in nature. A lack of sound sleep can trigger memory issues, obesity and even a weak immune system. A study by the European Health Journal also showed that those sleeping poorly were 48 percent more prone to heart conditions as compared to those who slept well.

In conclusion
Although there isn’t a pre-fixed formula in distinguishing a good mattress from a bad one, the quality of your bedding in most cases is determined by what you pay for it. It is ideal to invest in a good mattress even if it means paying a little extra to own it. As per researchers, the maximum life-span of a mattress is eight years and it is probably best to purchase a new one before you reach that mark. It's time you gift yourself some beauty sleep with a great mattress today!

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