The Privacy Pop is a unique bed tent that is designed to give you maximum privacy even when you have to share a room with others. Now, with the Privacy Pop, sharing a room does not have to mean you have to give up your privacy. 


Privacy Pop is at the forefront of a new revolution in dorm and multi person living. No longer is privacy an issue when you use this accessory for your bed.



This advanced bed tent was created especially for college students living in dorms, kids and teenagers that share a room with their siblings, and people of all ages who share rooms to cut down on rent costs. In the past, sharing a bedroom with someone else meant a lack of privacy that could cause some uncomfortable moments and disagreements because of the need for separate space. Privacy Pop is the new product that has changed the way that kids and teenagers, college students, and anyone that has to share a room lives. The unique design of this exclusive bed tent gives users unprecedented privacy, even when they share a room with one or more people. Privacy Pop tents are ideal for:

- Kids and teenagers of all ages that have to share a room with their siblings.

- College students living in dorm rooms with one or more roommates.

- People who share a room with others in order to save cash off the cost of rent.

- Anyone who wants to reduce the blindingly bright sunshine out of their eyes



Mesh Windows

Mesh windows on the head and foot of the tent provide users with airflow and light. Zip it completely for maximum privacy.

Easy Set-Up Poles

Quick and easy to set up poles. Poles seamlessly attach together making setup and break down a snap!

Fold Up & Zip Down Doors

Zip doors on both sides allow to open the tent fully by folding the doors up or zip it down completely for maximum privacy.



Fits Common Bed Sizes

Especially made to fit bed sizes commonly found in dorm rooms and in rooms that multiple people live in.

Water Repellent

The Privacy Pop Tent is water repellent and tested in case of any accidental or unexpected spills and splashes.

Portable Carrying Bag

Created especially for portability, the Privacy Pop can be folded and easily stored or transported. Tent folds flat and stows in a compact carrying bag, making it easy to store and travel with.



Easy Set-Up & Breakdown

The Privacy Pop comes equipped with directions to guide users through the set-up & breakdown process.

Double-Sided Zippers

Zipper pulls on the inside and outside allow you to create windows, open the tent fully, or zip it completely for privacy.

Electronic Port Opening

Opening for electronic cords allow cell phone or laptop users to charge and use electronics while inside the Privacy Pop Tent.



Reduces Outside Light

Avoid a rude awakening from the bright sun or room light. Windows and doors can be zipped closed to reduce any unwanted outside light to enter.

Privacy & Seclusion

The Privacy Pop Tents provides a snug fit around the mattress of the bed providing exclusive privacy and seclusion in uncomfortable sleeping quarters when the zipper doors and windows on either side are zipped.

Versatility & Functionality

Privacy Pop Tents can also be used for the kid's room, patio beds, air mattresses, portable sleeping cots, and even kids wanting a "fort" around their bed.

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